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Swapsea is a superior, award-winning swap system for Surf Life Saving Clubs across Australia, with loads of clever features, and more on the way.

Patrol Swaps

Make Swap Requests & Offers
Swapsea makes it easier for your club members to manage their patrol commitments, reduce the number of no-shows and ensure that substitutes are accountable. Patrol Captains can manage their people better and with greater confidence by knowing who is going to be on the beach in advance, as well who is qualified to do what.

Patrol Team Minimum Requirements
Swapsea automatically makes sure each Patrol meets the minimum requirements to be on duty. As long as both patrols in the swap would still meet the minimum requirements, anyone is free to swap with anyone else. This means that swaps are not limited to both people having the same qualifications - how about that!

Skills Maintenance

Skills Maintenance
Ensuring everyone is current with the latest equipment and techniques is a critical task yet logisitical challenge. Swapsea makes signing up to Skills Maintenance sessions super simple, ensuring sessions aren't over-crowded for an optimal instructor-to-student ratio and focussed learning environment.

Awesome Reports

Sign-On Sheets
Swapsea helps club members manage their patrol commitments, so it's only natural to help Patrol Captains out too by providing up-to-date patrol sign-on sheets that are dynamically generated and account for all swaps in-and-out. Plus they include up-to-date records of awards and contact details.


Weekly Patrol Reminders
We all get distracted from time to time, and forget we have a patrol on the weekend. Not anymore! Swapsea will automatically send a reminder email to all patrollers rostered on for the coming weekend. The reminder time is configurable by Club.

Skills Maintenance Reminders
Motivating and ensuring every patroller attends a Skills Maintenance session can be a daunting task. Swapsea regularly reminds those who haven't signed up yet - to sign up. And Swapsea reminds them again the week they need to attend.

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync
Sync all patrol commitments to Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar or any other service that supports .ics files. Your diary is automatically updated when you swap too. It's just another thing Swapsea does to help manage patrol commitments.

Mobile Ready

Better for the active you
Swapsea has been designed mobile-first, so you can manage your patrol commitments anywhere at any time, as you'd expect. Swapsea works on your commute to work or when catching up with fellow members. It even works well at the beach - right where you need it.

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Register and pay before the season starts and save.

$ 500 /season
Before Season Start 2017
Patrol Swaps
Skills Maintenance
Weekly Reminders
Calendar Sync
*pricing excludes GST
$ 800 /season
Before 17th October 2017
Patrol Swaps
Skills Maintenance
Weekly Reminders
Calendar Sync
*pricing excludes GST

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